Primary Science

Science Buddy

Lower Block
Melissa Yeo, Lee Suan Khim, Lim Li Shan, Lau Kar Loong
Price (with GST): S$16.90

Science Buddy is an essential resource for all Primary pupils to gain more Science knowledge according to current topics in Singapore's Primary Science syllabus. Pupils will experience Science differently through a series of holistic activities and short readings. Each book starts with an attractive and educational comic strip to communicate important concepts in a delightful manner, to allow pupils to enjoy absorbing and digesting Science concepts. Each book also consists of two engaging Science experiments that pupils can attempt in school and at home with basic materials. A set of quality questions in detachable Science worksheets are set by a group of Singapore's Top school teachers, ranging in 3 difficulty levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advance. Pupils can also detach and an interesting and vibrant concept map, in the middle of the book to paste on the walls of their room as a poster to help them with tedious memory work. Unconventional Science puzzles and games aims to trigger their inquisitive minds and to encourage them to think out of the box by incorporated Science concepts. Science Crossword Puzzles aims to reinforce their vocabulary of scientific terms. Science Detective games to keep pupils' minds alert and to recap the concepts they have learnt in an unconventional way. Science Logic Puzzles build them up in their process skills to interpret and infer. In addition, fascinating Feature stories gives pupils additional information on the topic they were taught in school, and “Did you Know?” articles to highlight special phenomena to widen pupils' general knowledge as well.

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